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2nd European Summer School on Technology Assessment Update

2nd European Summer School on Technology Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities of the Ageing Society: Exploring the role of Technology

Dr Ciara Fitzgerald and Professor Frédéric Adam of the Financial Services Innovation Centre, UCC are happy to announce the outcome of the second European Summer School on Technology Assessment (TA). The event was organised  in UCC around three days of cutting edge training, practical exercises, mutual reflection, and networking – all focused on Technology Assessment in relation with the underlying theme of ageing societies and the role of technology. How to cope with ageing societies is one of the grand challenges pointed out in the Lund Declaration. Healthcare technologies can be increasingly important for society to offer health and care services at a quantity and quality that mirrors the expectations of the European population. So, how can we best use new technology in care services, and what type of policy options are policy makers faced with? This challenge refers to the interplay of actors, technologies, policies, worldviews and institutions engaged in the field of ageing debates, policies and production. In order to capture the complexity of what is at stake, Technology Assessment rationale, methods and techniques offered" powerful tools that are essential for both analysts and solution-oriented professionals.

The summer school participants consisted of public authorities (policymakers, civil servants, policy-advisers), academia and the scientific community (including PhD students), and civil society representatives from industry and NGOs from Europe, Africa and South America. By combining high-profile lectures with interactive workshops, the participants from such different stakeholder groups learned how Technology Assessment can provide them with meaningful insights to public and policy opinion forming on science and technology in society.  It allowed the participants to combine a forward-looking perspective on new scientific and technological developments with the ambition to influence their embedding in society.  For further information on the project, please visit the website: or contact Dr Ciara Fitzgerald at

Dr Ciara Fitzgerald would like to express her sincere thanks to the experienced lecturers who joined her in delivering the summer school lectures and workshops, from Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands. Also, she would like to thank PrimeUCC, in particular Andrea Wachner, who offered great expertise and advice in the organisation of the event.

Image courtesy of John Roche.

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