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FSIC Presents Innovative FP7 Project Proposal in Brussels

Dr Soha Maad and JB McCarthy recently presented an FSIC project proposal at the Information Day for the EU Framework 7 Objectives 1.2.: “Internet of Services, Software and Virtualisation” in the European Commission offices in Brussels. The FSIC project is called “Service Software Engineering for Innovative Global Infrastructure for Financial Services” (SSE-4-IGIFS)

The proposal addresses challenges facing “adaptable service / software engineering methods and tools”, “verification and validation”, and “open source software” at the domain level, technology convergence level, global factors level, and governance level. Domain knowledge is incorporated into the design, influenced by various factors, coupled with policy modeling in all phases of the service/software life cycle. The aim is to go beyond traditional software engineering and to adopt a new service software engineering integrative framework drawing upon knowledge/experience from a range of disciplines. The project will extrapolate its finding to vital domains such as e-government, education, global health, and t-governance.

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