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Enterprise Data Management Council Announcement

Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) on track to become a Global Financial Technology Standard.

UCC based GRCTC (Governance Risk and Compliance Technology Centre) are pleased to mention that the Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC) has announced that the OMG Architecture Board and Financial Domain Task Force unanimously approved FIBO--‐Foundations on September 26 at the OMG Technical Conference in New Brunswick, NJ.  

Ethics in Business – Good Practice Guide Cork

The Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland (ACOI) seminar on Ethics in Business – Good Practice Guide Cork will take place on the 22 October 2013, in University College Cork and will be presented by Alan McGilton. Topics include:

  • Embedding Ethics
  • Ethical Values Training: using scenarios/dilemmas
  • How to develop & use scenarios/dilemmas
  • Examples for discussion & debate
  • Tackling Ethical Issues with Confidence

The Global Economic Recovery And Its Impact on Equity Markets

The ‘The Global Economic Recovery And Its Impact on Equity Markets’ event will be jointly hosted by Financial Services Innovation Centre (FSIC), UCC and Redmayne-Bentley Stockbrokers in October 2013.  This event will take place on Tuesday 29th October 7.30pm, Boole Lecture Theatre 3, UCC. 

For more information please click here.

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers September 2013

Would you like to receive a voucher worth €5,000 to get help with an innovative idea? Enterprise Ireland are currently offering small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to be awarded an Innovation Voucher allowing these businesses to access specialist knowledge to develop forward-thinking solutions or ideas to expand, improve or create new products, services and processes that will help you compete more effectively.

Global Thought Leaders in Data coming to MSc Data Business

University College Cork (UCC) and the Irish Management Institute (IMI) Data Business course in association with SAS and EMC, starts on the 9th of Oct 2013 in Dublin. This Executive Education programme is appropriate for professionals requiring expertise in business intelligence and data business.

Big Data and Analytics Event with Professor Tom Davenport

The Irish Management Institute (IMI) is delighted to host the SAS and EMC sponsored "Big Data and Analytics" Event in Dublin in October 2013. This event provides an excellent opportunity to hear from Tom Davenport a leading figure in Big Data and Analytics.

The Value of the Cloud - IMI Strategy Showcase

For organisations, the potential value of “the cloud” goes well beyond the attributes of the technology. The IMI Strategy Showcase is for SME Owner / Managers, Managers in Mid and Large Organisations with input to strategic decision-making, IT Professionals wanting gain a broader strategic business understanding and IT service providers interested in new ways of satisfying customer requirements.

Data Business Executive Series: Bill Inmon

Business Information Systems in association with the MSc in Data Business (IMI & UCC) present a series of executive briefings from Global Thought Leaders in the area of Data Business.  Part 1 in the Series Presented by Bill Inmon (the father of Data Warehousing) was held on the 13th of June 2013 at 1.15pm, in University College Cork.

FSIC - Finovate Europe 2013 Partner

The FSIC is delighted to announce their exclusive European academic partnership with the FinovateEurope conference series which comes to London for the first ever two day event on the 12th & 13th of February 2013. FinovateEurope is a spin-off of the American Finovate conference series. This epic event is scheduled to showcase 64 companies unveil their latest and greatest financial technology.

To view the Agenda please click here.

Facing the Future and Capturing Opportunities for Growth

The ‘Facing the Future and Capturing Opportunities for Growth’ seminar was jointly hosted by Financial Services Innovation Centre (FSIC), UCC and Redmayne-Bentley Stockbrokers in January 2013.  At this seminar attendees had the opportunity to hear views from Redmayne-Bentley expert speakers and those of Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev, Adjunct Lecturer in Economics at Trinity College Dublin.


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