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2nd European Summer School on Technology Assessment Update

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2nd European Summer School on Technology Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities of the Ageing Society: Exploring the role of Technology

Dr Ciara Fitzgerald and Professor Frédéric Adam of the Financial Services Innovation Centre, UCC are happy to announce the outcome of the second European Summer School on Technology Assessment (TA).

Empowering Young Women’s career choices in Modern Business

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Business Information Systems (BIS, UCC) is hosting a seminar entitled “Empowering Young Women’s career choices in Modern Business” in February 2014.  The objective of the seminar is to communicate the extent of the potential opportunities available to young women with technology related skillsets, in terms of career progression, financial rewards, entrepreneurship and opportunities to travel.

2nd European Summer School on Technology Assessment.

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The PACITA project is delighted to invite participants to the 2nd European Summer School in Technology Assessment entitled ‘Challenges and Opportunities of the Ageing Society; Exploring the role of Technology’, to be held in UCC on 18th-20th June 2014.  More information on the PACITA project is available on the PACITA Website or in the PACITA Project Magazine.

Finovate Europe 2014

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Finovate conferences are a unique fusion that is part sales demo, part press conference, part trade show, part analyst briefing, and part business development meeting rolled into a single event. The events showcase the cutting-edge of financial technology, whether it comes from established industry leaders or up-and-coming startups, and facilitate networking opportunities to make game-changing connections.

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